Saturday, February 19, 2011

Advance birthday gift

It’s been about 8 or 10 years since I ceased being so involved in this so-called “Beautiful Game.”
It wasn’t about time, love gone sour, isolation or loss of interest. Napadpad lang ako sa ibang landas, hindi naman napunta sa drugs at mas lalong hindi sa sugal. Parang talagang medyo naiba lang ang ihip ng hangin.
But I still love the game though I’m not that active anymore.

I admit I miss watching the games. I miss the people around, most especially the camaraderie.
On 17 February, I got an early birthday gift if I may call it.

They may say it’s actually just a “pasalubong” but one item from the plastic bag caught my attention.

This one.

Happy na nga sana ako with just butterscotch as pasalubong, knowing it’s my favorite.
But I guess my couple friends Liezel and Afuang made it sure that the other item would be far more adorable than the food.
Indeed it was amazing.

I didn’t dream having one like this nor did I imagine getting one as a birthday gift.
Nawala na nga ako sa passing sa football eh.

But thank you guys for making me recall how we love this beautiful game and the passion is still within.
Just imagine that, walang kapagod-pagod, kumpletos rekados.

Honestly I don’t even remember all the members of the Philippine Team, their names, and their jersey numbers.
Walang kapagod-pagod, walang kahirap hirap, I simply got their signatures on the shirt. Kinalolokahan lang naman sila ng mga girlalu at iba pa.

Thanks Liezel and Afuang for taking time out to meet the famous Askal Team in Bacolod and for remembering me and my love for football.
Thank you, I have numbers 21, 10, 15, 6, 23, 22, 25, 9 and 14 on this lovely Azkal shirt.
Let's continue and keep the football spirit alive and kicking!


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