Friday, May 23, 2008

Ang donuts ni Cello

Let us "donut talk" today.

Word of mouth.

It was first introduced to him by a fellow-building-mate in Quezon City if I’m not mistaken.
Next thing he did was date me to this place at 11 p.m.
Indeed, I fell in love with the donut. Kala niyo sa kanya ano?
Syemfrey sa kanya rin. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yon.

Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips first opened in Katipunan Road, Quezon City just in front of Ateneo de Manila in 2004.

Eto ata considered favorite doughnut ng mga Atenista sa Katips.
Its owner is young entrepreneur named Cello Santos.

She sells unique donuts in different flavors like Chocnut, Oreo, chocolate, cheese, peanut butter, M&M’s.

Given with a small mouth, their cocktails is what I like more.

Cocktail is a bite size version of their donut.

Ginawa siya para sa may mga cute na mouth. Hmmmm.

A year after, they opened another store along Taft Avenue in Manila.
This is how the Cellos' Taft branch looks like.

In October of 2006 they had another one in Greenhills, San Juan.

That’s where I bought my four boxes in November of 2007 minus my driver-escort-bodyguard in tow. Forgot to get pictures of the shop though... Ohhh, I miss Evo, Mazzie and Goldi.

I am not a donut freak but I highly recommend Cello’s as your must-bring-pasalubong home.
Sabi nga nung young PAL flight attendant when she saw me placed my Davao-bound pasalubong inside the plane’s overhead compartment, “Ay Cello’s sa Katips. Masarap yan Ma’am!”

“YES!” Of course, I replied with very convincing smile.
“May shop na sila sa Greenhills,” I added.

Sayang, nakalimutan ko nga lang sabihing “Cello’s donuts and dips is a pamatay date place.”

So when you are in Quezon City, Taft or Greenhills, find time to visit Cello’s and have a taste of their sumptuous pillows, cocktails or donuts.

I’ve tasted Go Nuts and Krispy Kreme. I say nothing beats Cello’s simply because it’s not overrated-over-sugarcoated donut that melts in your mouth.

Have you eaten a donut from Cello’s?
Hmmmm, we did!
Hit na hit ang donut mo Cello. Pantawid gutom na siya, pamatay date place pa.
Kain na!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nikon blah

"Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner" ~ Author Unknown

My version: "Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer.
It makes you a beautiful Nikon owner!"

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Promote Philippines... Air Philippines

I am not a frequent flyer but I do get my own share of pre-departure-send-off drama in real life.

Whining inside an airport terminal is common among well-wishers and even with passengers, that’s talking on my personal experience for once I was a victim of a delayed flight.

Last Friday, with one small plastic bag in tow and as early as 8a.m. I walked under the heat of the sun to an airport terminal.

Was there to meet a college barkada who is scheduled to leave for Manila at 9.40 a.m.
The plastic bag I carried was filled with “pasalubong orders” of other college barkadas now working in Qatar.

Believe me “pasalubong” includes hopia, dice, facial soap, puto plastic baking pan and slippers.

With no hassle at all, arriving more than one hour before the flight, we pushed Etol’s cart into the pre-departure area, only to be told by the “airport tulak boys” the flight was cancelled.

Sige na nga, to be really sure, Etol and I proceeded to the check-in counter, lining up with other people who has the same flight schedule.

True indeed the flight was cancelled.
Wala lang, siguro wala lang silang mapalipad na eroplano.
Cancelled lang ang flight. As simple as that.

Sure we want to make talak-talak but still with a smile we manage to ask the counter clerk so politely on how will Etol board her 5.10p.m. flight to Doha when they transferred her to the PAL’s 4 p.m. flight.

Kala namin kami lang ang praning and worried … until we heard a voice in front us spokening bow-wow-wow.

American Joe nagyawyaw.

Holding his half-Pinay, half-American little daughter, and supported by his Pinay wife, he raised his voice.

Etol and I just listened. Uzi ears kami while at his back.

“What? They cancelled it?,” sabi ni ‘Kano.

Etol and I smiled.

And then he said “That’s stupid. Just like that, they cancelled the flight without telling us why?”

Again, Etol and I smiled. Katawa na mi gamay while continuously making use of our Uzi ears.

And then the wife tried to calm him down.

Drama kunwari sya, “Where’s your luggage? Just attend to your luggage.”

Smile and katawa gihapon ‘mi and chorused “nagyawyaw gyud sya bayot!”

Alangan pud uy, connecting flight pud sila to US.

And he raised his voice again saying “This is Philippines. Promote Philippines….”

Katawa na gyud mig maayo uy, dili na madalang smile smile.

Sikat gyud Pinoy no?

Only in the Philippines.

Og kani ang sumpay sa iyang yawyaw.

Hold your horses mga kababayan ko.

“…First they rob my house and now they cancelled my flight.”

Ammmmm. Mao sya yawyaw uy.

Tatak Pinoy talaga.

The ever sikat Pinoy robbers.

Kaw daw beh. First you rob his house and then you cancelled his flight.

Promote Pilipins, sakay ka pag Air Pilipins?