Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adopting Leila

Hours after adopting her

Kahit sa'n mo ilagay, tulog queen pa rin

Unto her new home... ayaw pa ring magising.

Si Leila, after the adoption becomes the tulog queen.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Leila, the dog substitute

On April 6, I voluntarily enrolled our 1-year old Belgian Malinois to a Dog School for his month-long “bartolina” training.
A promised I made to the dog and to the giver himself.

Twenty days after my BelMal dog turned 1, while in Clark Air Base, I decided to buy a Labrador puppy as a gift to my Spartan travel partner boyfriend.
Hours after we had her in our hands, I named her Leila.

Leila, like any other Labrador puppy, is noticeably and naturally beautiful but armed with a complete set of teeth like those of an Eel or a Barracuda, tiny but sharp.

Leila is a certified teeth-ter! Once you let her out of her leash, she preys on shoes, newspapers, shoelaces, boxes, plastic containers, even garbage bin and after you scold her, she instantly kills you with her “luoy-luoy look.”

Her usual routine is to run around, play with the newspaper, her toy balls, drinks her water, eat a little of her dog food and sleep.
And when she wakes up, she does the same thing over and over until she gets tired and fall asleep again.

During Holy Week, we decided to bring her to our travel to test to test the waters how this pet would play her antics on board a vehicle.

Silent at first but later on chaos ensued. Leila started to cry and became restless, moving from the front seat to the back seat, near the window, as if she wanted to commit suicide by jumping out of the vehicle.

We have to bring her with us for simply because there is no other puppy-nanny available to take care of her that time.

When we reached La Union, we found a solution.

We fed Leila her favorite toy – ice! I call it her anesthesia, he calls it her shabu.
With her ice, Leila becomes busy and sleepy and our travel went smooth sailing from then on.
Holy week’s travel up north was Leila’s first road trip and there will be more to come, perhaps down south.